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Booking, Pricing & Payment Information

Before you book, please review my pricing and payment options:

Cost of Your Consultation

  • £35 for a 20 minute telphone consultation.
  • £52.50 for a 30 minute telephone consultation.
  • If you choose to continute after the initial time period, you will be charged £1.75 per minute. In order to avail of this, you will need to provide your details to me over the telephone at the start of the consultation, so that I may process the additional charges, whilst maintaining the flow of the consultation.

Payment Options

  • By Credit / Debit Card
    • You may give your credit/debit card details directly to me when you ring to book your consultation. I will process the transaction before starting the reading.
    • You may submit your payment via World Pay's Secure Server. After the payment is processed you may ring me to book your consultation.
    • Please note that the business name "Jeremiah Holland" will appear on the World Pay payment processing form, and on your credit card bill.
  • Cheque or Money Order: You may post a cheque or money order to me at:
    Donal (psychic-insight)
    Flat 13, 54-55 Marine Parade Brighton,
    East Sussex BN2 1PH
    United Kingdom
    I will email you when payment is receieved and you may then ring to book your consultation. Please be sure to include your email address with your cheque or money order so that I may get in touch with you.

      To Book

      • Call Donal at (01273) 602 304, or outside the UK: +44 1273 602 304

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      Email Enquiries

      Terms and Conditions

      All services offered by psychic-insight are for entertainment only and the accuracy of the reading cannot be guaranteed. You must be 18 years of age or older to use the service.

      Credit Card Service
      To use the credit card service you must either be the credit card holder or the credit card holder must be present when the booking is made. The minimum charge is £35 for the first 20 minutes and £1.75 per minute thereafter. All charges are made in sterling(GBP).

      Credit Card Reading Satisfaction
      If you are not satisfied with your reading and bring this to the attention of the reader in the first five minutes of the reading you are entitled to a refund of the full cost minus the transaction costs. If you pay before ringing to book your transaction and then decide not to have the consultation, you are entitled to a refund of the full cost minus transaction costs.

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