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About Me

I have a gift for the supernatural: I am psychic, and in particular clairvoyant. I am also a master tarot reader for over 10 years and an adept astrology. I can read your future like no other can. No matter what the issue my prophetic ability can zero in on the matter and predict the course of events. I specialize in relationships.

Perhaps you have met someone special and want to know if this is the one. Maybe you are considering if a relationship is worth holding on to, or indeed if your partner actually loves you.

Maybe you want to know if you will get the job you have applied for, and if so, will you like it. Or maybe you are thinking of starting your own business and want to know if it will be a success.

Perhaps your concern is buying / selling property. Or maybe you have been trying for a pregnancy and want to know if / when it will happen. Or perhaps you want to know if you will pass your exam / driving test. Perhaps a clairvoyant has told you a prophecy and you want to know if it is true. Or maybe you simply want to know what the weather will be on your wedding day or the day of your garden party.

All these and countless more concerns can be addressed with my psychic gift and divinatory skills.

But my business is about more than being a dedicated psychic. It is about inspiring you, and guiding you in the unfolding of your happiness. It is about helping you restore yourself to a wonderful feeling of well-being. It is about awakening you to your opportunities. Because my clairvoyance is more than a flash of insight. It is your doorway to true happiness and inner fulfilment.

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Here are just a small scattering of the feedback from clients:

Youíve even shocked yourself with how accurate you have been.
Sally, Brighton

Everything you said would come true has happened.
Allyn, Cardiff

Iíve spoken to more than 80 clairvoyants. Not one of them has told me what you said but yours is the only reading that has turned out to be right.
Peter, Leeds

From the beginning of the reading you kept hitting the nail on the head.
Paula, Southampton

You were right. I did not believe it at the time but my mood did pick up very soon and I have been feeling much happier, just as you said I would.
Karen, Peterborough

You are absolutely amazing. What you said was going to happen, happened.
Maggie, Melbourne

Iíve never had such a detailed reading of my love life.
Jackie, Dorset

I know deep down what you are saying is true; it is just hard to accept.
Michelle, Maidenhead

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